Ranking the NBA's point guards

Behold the world's greatest athletes.

No, scratch that -- behold the greatest athletes at the most vital position in the history of mankind. Seriously.

Here's the point: Thanks to the legacy of visionary Steve Nash, the NBA is no longer a league of bigs; it's the land of littles. Five of the top 10 players in win shares this season? Point guards, tied for the most in 40 years.

Seven of the top 10 in offensive plus/minus? Point guards.

Top MVP candidates? Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook. Point guards.

And when we tapped our ESPN Forecast panel to rank them 1 to 30 -- from ruthless No. 1 Chris Paul to mercurial No. 19 Rajon Rondo to the cautionary tale known as No. 28 Jeremy Lin -- everyone in the top 10 appears playoff-bound.

Get the point now? Read on. You will.

ESPN's NBA Forecast panel graded all 30 starting point guards in four weighted categories-leadership, defense, shooting/scoring and passing/playmaking. Each player's scores were then calculated to determine his overall point guard rating.


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