Uni Watch: Bucks' new uniforms are a hit

In addition to using cream in the color scheme, the Bucks new unis have a dash of blue in them. Courtesy of the Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks unveiled their new colors and logos back in April, but they kept their new uniforms under wraps until Friday -- and it was worth the wait.

The team's new unis -- which, like the rest of the team's new visual program were designed by the Brooklyn branding firm Doubleday & Cartwright -- are an appealing mix of old and new. The new custom typeface and green-cream color scheme have been deployed to create simple but effective chest designs for the home whites and road greens. The back-jersey designs are similarly straightforward. Throughout the entire uniform set, the use of cream -- an unusual color for a pro sports team -- works extremely well.

But the most crowd-pleasing design element figures to be the rainbow-striped side panels, a shout-out to the uniforms the team wore from 1976 through 1993. The new version of the striping features a splash of blue at the top (a reference to pivotal role of water in Wisconsin's heritage), which meshes nicely with the rest of the color scheme.

The whole package feels solid, and instantly transforms the Bucks into one of the NBA's sharper-looking teams. They're not quite in the tip-top tier (although they might have been if they'd gone with block-shadowed type, as had been considered at one point during the design process), but they're definitely in the top 10. Nicely done.

For more about the design process behind the Bucks' makeover, look here.