Agent says NBA union's fee hike could drive some out of business

The NBA Players Association has proposed a significant increase in agent dues that some agents fear may alter the landscape for player representatives.

At a meeting during All-Star Weekend in February, a players union committee preliminarily approved an increase in agent dues that varies based on the number of players an agent represents.

One agent believes that the increase may force some smaller agencies -- or agents who work independently -- to shut down.

"This could drive a significant percentage of agents out of business," the agent, who requested anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the subject, said Thursday. "It favors the larger agencies."

In a statement, NBPA communications director Tara Greco said that it was "ridiculous" to make that assumption.

"Agent fees have been flat for nearly 20 years. Union leadership has been reviewing all of the organization's policies and practices, and making recommended adjustments, when necessary," Greco said in a statement. "This is one of several changes that have been considered over the course of this season."

The resolution states that future dues would be $5,000 for an agent with 0-9 players, $10,000 for an agent with 10-19 players and $15,000 for an agent with 20 or more players, according to documents provided to ESPN.com.

Currently, agents have to pay an annual fee of $1,500 for certification -- a figure that has remained unchanged for several years.

The resolution is being reviewed and will be voted on by a union committee.

"It's ridiculous to suggest that this is an attempt to push out any agent from working with our players," Greco said. "We're simply focused on ensuring we have the resources to provide a better environment for agents to succeed."