Attorney for Hawks players seeking records of officers involved in arrests

NEW YORK -- The trial for Atlanta Hawks players Thabo Sefolosha and Pero Antic has been set for Sept. 9 in New York City.

Sefolosha and Antic were arrested in Manhattan in the early hours of April 8 for interfering with the establishment of a crime scene following the stabbing of Indiana Pacers forward Chris Copeland outside of a nightclub.

Sefolosha suffered a broken right fibula and ligament damage at the scene of the arrest and has said the injuries were inflicted by police.

Both players are contesting the charges.

During a court appearance Tuesday, Alex Spiro, an attorney for Sefolosha and Antic, filed a subpoena to the judge requesting personnel files, disciplinary records and arrest history reports for the four officers involved in the arrests of the players.

"Put simply, the officers were not justified in their actions," the subpoena read.

Spiro did not comment on the case Tuesday, but he has said he expects the District Attorney's office to dismiss the case before it goes to trial.

The Internal Affairs bureau of the New York City Police Department is investigating the incident. The NYPD has not responded to requests for comment.

Sefolosha and Antic were both in the courthouse in lower Manhattan on Tuesday morning but declined to comment on the case.

The players were joined by NBA Players Association general counsel Gary Kohlman. Sefolosha's wife, Bertille, was also with him.

Late last month, Sefolosha told ESPN.com that the incident had hurt his reputation.

"I was injured in the hands of the police, and it took away a lot from my everyday life," Sefolosha said during an interview at his home. "From being able to help put the kids in bed, going up and down the stairs.

"We are talking about the stress that it has brought to the entire family, you know, my mom and dad in Switzerland, my brothers and sisters, my wife. Also, the damage to my reputation. I've had people texting me about what they saw in the newspaper and things like this. Every aspect of my life was affected by something like this, and I think putting light on the aftermath of something like this, I think that's also something that's important."

Sefolosha's right leg remains in a cast, and he needed a crutch for support while walking in and out of the courtroom Tuesday. He said outside of the courthouse that he was unsure if he would be healthy for the start of the 2015-16 season.

"I don't know. It's not my priority right now," Sefolosha said. "I'm going to come back and play when I'm ready to play."

Sefolosha is under contract through the 2016-17 season. Antic will be a free agent this summer.