Summer Forecast: 2015-16 West standings

On Monday, we kicked off our eighth annual Summer Forecast by sizing up the Eastern Conference in 2015-16.

On Tuesday, we revealed our projected Western Conference standings.

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll also share our early predictions for rookie of the year, MVP, best newcomers, NBA champion and much more.

For our results, we surveyed our ESPN Forecast panel on each topic. (Here's how it works.)

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On to the West ...

Western Conference projections

1. Golden State Warriors
Proj. record: 60-22
Last season: 67-15

2. San Antonio Spurs
Proj. record: 57-25
Last season: 55-27

3. Houston Rockets*
Proj. record: 56-26
Last season: 56-26

4. Los Angeles Clippers*
Proj. record: 56-26
Last season: 56-26

5. Oklahoma City Thunder
Proj. record: 55-27
Last season: 45-37

6. Memphis Grizzlies
Proj. record: 51-31
Last season: 55-27

7. New Orleans Pelicans
Proj. record: 47-35
Last season: 45-37

8. Dallas Mavericks
Proj. record: 41-41
Last season: 50-32

9. Utah Jazz
Proj. record: 40-42
Last season: 38-44

10. Phoenix Suns
Proj. record: 35-47
Last season: 39-43

11. Portland Trail Blazers*
Proj. record: 31-51
Last season: 51-31

12. Sacramento Kings*
Proj. record: 31-51
Last season: 29-53

13. Denver Nuggets
Proj. record: 27-55
Last season: 30-52

14. Los Angeles Lakers
Proj. record: 26-56
Last season: 21-61

15. Minnesota Timberwolves
Proj. record: 24-58
Last season: 16-66

* Tiebreakers based on percentage points