Summer Forecast: Who will be best out West?

The Golden State Warriors rolled to the Western Conference crown in 2014-15. But in a reloaded West, can the defending champs pull it off again?

We asked our ESPN Forecast panel to predict who will emerge as Western Conference champions in 2015-16. For our picks for the Eastern Conference champs, click here.

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So who will be best in the West? Read on:

Western Conference champions projections

1. Golden State Warriors
Proj. record: 60-22
Points: 122

2. San Antonio Spurs
Proj. record: 57-25
Points: 96

3. Oklahoma City Thunder
Proj. record: 55-27
Points: 30

4. Los Angeles Clippers
Proj. record: 56-26
Points: 23

5. Houston Rockets
Proj. record: 56-26
Points: 9

6. Memphis Grizzlies
Proj. record: 51-31
Points: 4