Forecast: Is this Kobe's final season?

His 20th NBA season could be his last, but Kobe Bryant isn't ready to make that decision just yet. Neither is Lakers owner Jim Buss, who said on Thursday that he isn't shutting the door on Kobe after this season.

In the meantime, Kobe believes the new-look Los Angeles Lakers will make the playoffs in 2015-16 after missing out the past two seasons -- a franchise first since 1976.

But how much can Kobe contribute at age 37? His past three seasons have all ended early because of injuries, including last season when a torn rotator cuff shelved him in January.

Kobe, who said recently that he feels "extremely strong," plans to wait until after the season to see if he wants to continue playing. So we asked our ESPN Forecast panel to predict whether this season will be it for Kobe. Our voters were nearly split:

While 44 percent of our voters think Kobe will call it a career at season's end, 56 percent predict the Black Mamba will be back for more in 2016-17.

Your thoughts?

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