Future Power Rankings: Full category rankings

So you're wondering how we put the Future Power Rankings together? Here's how we did it.

To rank the 30 teams, we asked ESPN Insider analysts Chad Ford and Kevin Pelton to rate each team in each category.

To determine the Future Power Rating, we rated each team in five categories. Here's how they did it and how the teams ranked in each individual category.

We determined that the most important category is a team's current roster and the future potential of those players -- that category accounts for 50 percent of each team's overall Future Power Rating.

At the same time, we looked at many other factors, such as management, ownership, coaching, a team's spending habits, its cap situation, the reputation of the city and the franchise, and what kind of draft picks we expect the team to have in the future.

Players (50 percent)

Management (16.7 percent)

Money (16.7 percent)

Market (8.3 percent)

Draft (8.3 percent)