Replay center refs will make some rulings in hope of speeding up games

NEW YORK -- The NBA says current referees will staff its replay center this season and be able to make decisions in certain situations.

All replay reviews will still be triggered by the three referees on the court. They will no longer make all the calls after the reviews, however; some will now be done in the Secaucus, New Jersey, facility that opened last season.

Those will include determinations such as whether a shot was a 2- or 3-pointer, or whether it beat the shot clock or end-of-quarter buzzer. Out-of-bounds calls and goaltending rulings also will be handled by the replay center.

The NBA says the modifications were unanimously approved by owners Wednesday. The league believes the changes can speed up games.

Rulings on flagrant fouls, clear-path fouls and player altercations will continue to be made by the three game officials.