#NBArank: Nos. 26-30

It's Year 5 for #NBArank!

Who will be the best ballers in the NBA this season? Here are players 26-30:

#NBArank: 26-30

26. Paul George

Insider profile: George reached upper-tier status the season before his injury by becoming a dead-eye shooter from the corners and midrange, enough to fully augment his ability to attack opponents off the dribble. His usage rate was in the 96th percentile and his per-touch efficiency in the 84th. Read more »

27. Carmelo Anthony

Insider profile: During the 40 games he played, Anthony's offensive efficiency was down. Yet his touches were up thanks to the triangle's consistent ball movement, which he himself contributed to by making four more passes per 100 touches than the season before, per SportVu. Those passes resulted in scoring plays about 8 percent more often. Read more »

28. Serge Ibaka

Insider profile: After flirting with the 3-pointer in 2012-13 and 2013-14, when he attempted 0.7 3s per game, Ibaka went all-in last season. He attempted 3.2 3-pointers per game, more than a quarter of his shot attempts, while shooting 37.6 percent beyond the arc. The additional 3s were part of the reason Ibaka saw his shooting percentage drop from 53.6 percent to a career-low 47.6 percent. Read more »

29. Paul Millsap

Insider profile: Millsap has great high-low chemistry with Al Horford, who is similarly skilled as a big man. Millsap proved that his 3-point stroke in 2013-14 wasn't an aberration by knocking down 35.6 percent of his 216 trifecta attempts. Read more »

30. Andre Drummond

Insider profile: Drummond's role on offense expanded last season. Stan Van Gundy increased Drummond's volume of post-ups, from 11 percent of his plays the season before to 28, according to Synergy. The results were mixed, but perhaps they were necessary growing pains to facilitate Drummond's growth from a run-to-the-rim dunker to a true franchise offensive center. Read more »

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