#NBArank: Nos. 21-25

It's Year 5 for #NBArank!

Who will be the best ballers in the NBA this season? Here are players 21-25:

#NBArank: 21-25

21. Kevin Love

Insider profile: During the regular season, the Cavs' offensive rating was four points better with Love on the floor, and three points better on defense. So while his WARP tumbled from 20.2 and his RPM fell from plus-5.45 to plus-2.71, he was still in the top 10 percent of the most impactful players in the NBA. Read more »

22. Chris Bosh

Insider profile: With LeBron James not drawing attention anymore, Bosh shot just 47.6 percent on layups last season, down from 62.9 percent in 2013-14. That's mostly because he had to create on his own; his field goals were assisted on just 60.3 percent last season, down from 80.1 percent with the King around. Read more »

23. Tim Duncan

Insider profile: It's unclear when the time might come that Duncan is no longer a good defender. Perhaps age 50? While he's hardly mobile, Duncan can anticipate plays so well that he's almost always in place to offer help. Read more »

24. Al Horford

Insider profile: Horford is a jack of all trades; he can shoot, dribble, pass, defend and lead all at a high level. Where Horford improved last season was in his playmaking ability. He tallied a career-high 3.6 assists per 36 minutes and kept his turnovers to a ridiculously low 1.6 miscues per 36 minutes. Read more »

25. DeAndre Jordan

Insider profile: Jordan's elite athleticism makes him a natural complement with Griffin, as he gives him an easy target to pass to when defenses try to collapse. While Jordan isn't what you would call polished by any stretch of the imagination, the Clippers do a great job of putting him in a position to be successful by continually looking for him on weak-side cuts to the primary action as well as finding him on pick-and-rolls as the diver. Read more »

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