#NBArank: Nos. 11-15

It's Year 5 for #NBArank!

Who will be the best ballers in the NBA this season?

Today, we're unveiling Nos. 11-15 on our list -- one at a time every hour -- starting at noon ET.

#NBArank: 11-15

11. John Wall

Insider profile: Wall can get a little carried away with his turnovers, but you'll live with it if he scores 20 points and sets up another 20. Quietly, Wall's best attribute may be his defense, where he ranked fourth among all point guards in defensive RPM. Read more »

12. DeMarcus Cousins

Insider profile: What makes him so special is he combines size and brute force with an extraordinary deftness and skill level, being able to change directions with the dribble after pulverizing the defender with a body bump. While he's not an explosive athlete, he's particularly light on his feet and is able to attack the basket off the dribble as easily as he backs someone down. Read more »

13. LaMarcus Aldridge

Insider profile: The Blazers' offense was elite the past two seasons in part because of how Aldridge's ability to stretch the floor by spotting up and in pick-and-pops creates open 3s for his teammates. With the Spurs, he'll have the opportunity to play inside-out with Tim Duncan and San Antonio's other big men, because he's comfortable in both the low and high block. Read more »

14. Dwight Howard

Insider profile: At this point, Howard's days as his team's leading scorer are probably over. With James Harden as the focal point of the Rockets' offense, Howard's usage rate declined from 24.0 percent of the team's plays to 23.3 percent and again to 21.2 percent in the playoffs. And that's OK. Howard's never been as good a post scorer as he believes. Read more »

15. Damian Lillard

Insider profile: Lillard has worked hard to improve his finishing, a weakness during his first two seasons, and improved his accuracy within three feet from 52.1 percent in 2012-13 and 2013-14 to 64.2 percent last season, per Basketball-Reference.com. Read more »

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