Andre Iguodala jokes only way to stop Warriors is to 'shoot us and kill us'

Golden State forward Andre Iguodala stirred up some controversy when asked about "the recipe" to beat the Warriors. Speaking to a small group of reporters after his team's 114-98 victory over the Nets in Brooklyn, the veteran swingman offered, "Going to the gun range and learning how to shoot. Kill us all."

After Iguodala smiled, the reporter asked about the Warriors' knowing how to "shoot" in basketball terms, to which Iguodala corrected, "No, that's the only way you gonna beat us: If you shoot us and kill us and we can't play." Then Iguodala smiled again and said, "That's a joke." Iguodala was then asked by the reporter to answer the question seriously, to which Iguodala said, "No, that's for real. I'm serious."

He then continued, "I think teams just try to throw different looks at us, and we just have a very versatile group of guys, we mix up our matchups. For every action, I think we have a reaction for it, and [that] will help us win."

Some took issue with the timing of Iguodala's words. He gave that answer on the evening President Barack Obama delivered to the nation a speech that touched on a Dec. 2 mass shooting in San Bernardino, California. That incident left 14 dead and 21 wounded.

The 22-0 Warriors did not practice Monday and are set to play the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday in Indianapolis.