O.J. Mayo rushes ref after being ejected in 1st quarter vs. Wolves

MINNEAPOLIS -- Milwaukee Bucks guard O.J. Mayo was ejected in the first quarter of a 95-85 win over Minnesota and had to be forcibly removed from the court by assistant coaches.

Mayo picked up a technical foul from Pat Fraher after arguing for a foul call on a drive to the basket. As the game went to break, referee Jason Phillips gave Mayo another technical, which prompted the ejection. Mayo spun back toward the officiating crew, and coaches Eric Hughes and Joe Prunty had to try to restrain him by yanking on his jersey.

Teammate Giannis Antetokounmpo and a Bucks security official had to step in as well to try to contain the livid Mayo.

"It was a poor decision on my end to definitely disrespect the game," Mayo said after the game. "Poor decision of mine to misrepresent the Bucks, myself, my family, obviously my teammates."

Mayo was escorted all the way off the court after trying to go back at the official.

"That's my guy. He's good," Mayo said of Hughes. "Things happen, and he has my back. And you know, I have his back. That said, bad decision by me but happy we got the win."

Prunty pointed out how Mayo's emotion on the court can either serve the team or hinder it.

"In the moment, that's obviously not what we want to do," Prunty said. "We have to stay within our character. Juice is an emotional player, and we have to, we need him to be aggressive, assertive. Obviously, this wasn't exactly what we like. But he'll be fine, and you know, it's something, it happens sometimes."

Earlier this season, the volatile Mayo had a run-in with Kings center DeMarcus Cousins in the hallway after a game.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.