Carmelo Anthony anticipates soreness in left knee will continue

NEW YORK -- Knicks star Carmelo Anthony expects to deal with soreness in his left knee for the foreseeable future.

"It's not going to heal in a week or a couple days or two weeks," he said Sunday.

Anthony believes the soreness is an expected part of his recovery from the knee surgery he underwent last February.

"The process I had is going to take time to heal," he said.

Anthony plans to use his time off during the All-Star break to rest and rehab his knee.

"We have a game Tuesday, and then we don't play until the following Friday," said Anthony, who plans to play Sunday in the All-Star game. "I want to take advantage of that time."

The 13-year veteran recently had an MRI to rule out any structural damage to his knee. He said Sunday that he has consulted doctors and trainers about the soreness and has been assured the discomfort is "part of the recovery."

But he added that his situation might be different because he is playing 35 minutes per game. Anthony suggested that he might take games off to rest his knee, if necessary. He has missed three of the Knicks' past eight games -- including Friday's loss to Memphis -- due to knee soreness.

After playing in Sunday's loss to the Denver Nuggets, Anthony acknowledged that his shot has been impacted by the knee issue. In his past five games, Anthony has shot 33 percent from the floor.

"I can feel it when I'm out there, as far as the rhythm, mechanically shooting the ball," said Anthony, who went 7-for-19 from the floor in Sunday's 101-96 loss. "It's not aligned for me right now. I got to find that alignment and just keep working at it."