Tyronn Lue: 'I know how loyal I was to Coach Blatt'

Tyronn Lue has heard plenty of criticism over the handling of David Blatt's ouster as head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Much was directed at the Cavaliers for dumping a coach whose team was sitting atop the Eastern Conference standings and who had compiled an 83-40 record in roughly season and a half.

Also, LeBron James was labeled a "coach killer" for his perceived involvement in Blatt's ouster, working behind the scenes to have Lue, his preferred coach, elevated to the top spot. And with the Cavaliers sporting a 6-3 mark since Blatt was fired, the criticism toward Lue has grown louder.

Through it all, Lue says he remains on good terms with Blatt.

"Me and Blatt are cool," Lue said to Cleveland.com. "We've spoken a few times since [he was let go]. I texted him a few days ago, so it's not what people want to think. To say I was doing things behind the scenes to get this job is crazy. This job? A team that's in first place? Come on.

"As long as Coach Blatt supports me, that's all that matters."

At the time of Blatt's dismissal, the Cavaliers had a 30-11 record.

Lue admitted that the situation in getting his first head-coaching job wasn't ideal, and he understands the controversy surrounding the move.

"Look, they ridiculed Jesus Christ, so I'm certainly no exception," Lue told Cleveland.com. "I don't care what's being said. I know how loyal I was to Coach Blatt, and the people that know me understand that. I have no control over what people think. I have a job to do and I'm going to do my best."

It's been a hectic start. Lue's first two weeks in charge saw the Cavs play nine games. Between off days and traveling, the other six days allowed little opportunity for him to get his system into place.

The next 10 days of Lue's coaching tenure won't provide the occasion he seeks to get his guys up to speed. The Cavs were off Sunday after playing back-to-back games. They host Sacramento on Monday, will practice on Tuesday, then host the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday before the next six days get taken up by the All-Star break.

That leaves Lue little time to worry about what others are saying about him.

"It's part of the job. If I let what people said affect me, I wouldn't be here," Lue told Cleveland.com. "At the end of the day, I have a job to do, and hopefully we can do some great things together."

Information from ESPN's Dave McMenamin was used in this report.