Kerr battles lingering spinal-fluid issues, but coaches through pain

PHOENIX -- Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr was able to coach the team's final game before the All Star break, after suffering though headaches and pain related to the spinal fluid leak that caused him to miss the first 41 games of the season.

Kerr felt ill after Tuesday's win over the Houston Rockets, but he traveled with the team to Phoenix and was able to coach in Wednesday's 112-104 victory over the Suns.

"I still have symptoms from everything I've been dealing with," Kerr said. "I wish everything was clear and gone away, but at times it's not, and I have to deal with stuff."

The Warriors have gone 11-0 since Kerr returns on Jan. 22. They concluded Wednesday's game with a 48-4 record, the best record through 52 games in NBA history. Interim coach Luke Walton went 37-4 in Kerr's stead.

"Nobody has ever done it, right?" Kerr said after Wednesday's game. "Fifty-two games in, to have only lost four games is remarkable. It speaks to the talent and chemistry of the players. We have a deep roster, and they love playing together, they enjoy winning, and they are good at it."

When Kerr returned to the bench last month, he said he might occasionally have to sit out a game if his symptoms flared up.

Asked whether it was nice to have Walton available in those situations, Kerr smiled and joked, "Yeah. But I'm undefeated. He lost four games."