NBA: No foul on last Warriors-Grizzlies possession

NEW YORK -- The NBA said referees were correct in not calling a foul against Golden State on Memphis' final possession Saturday, when a score by the Grizzlies could have ended the Warriors' bid for an NBA-record 73 victories.

Lance Stephenson missed twice in the closing seconds, and the Warriors held on for a 100-99 victory that made them 71-9 with two games remaining. Commentators said Stephenson might have been fouled on the second shot, when he launched a contested jumper from the corner that hit the side of the backboard.

In its review of the last two minutes of the game, the league said both Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry maintained legal guarding position on Stephenson's initial drive. Both players then made contact with Stephenson when he regained the ball and shot his jumper, but the league said Stephenson created the incidental contact with Thompson by kicking his leg out, and Curry made incidental contact with Stephenson only after the shot was taken.