Crying Jordan replaces Jumpman on incredible custom Air Jordans

The Michael Jordan crying meme spares no one (0:15)

The Michael Jordan crying meme captures the spirits of the Tar Heels' faithful after North Carolina's last-second loss to Villanova in the national championship game. (0:15)

If you've been on the internet at any point in the past year, you've probably seen the inescapable "Crying Jordan" meme -- the picture of Michael Jordan shedding a tear at his 2009 Basketball Hall of Fame induction pasted on top of just about anyone and everyone to represent a moment of failure.

Not even Michael Jordan himself has been immune from getting Crying Jordan'd, and now, thanks to a pair of amazing artists, his famous Air Jordan sneakers have received the meme treatment, with the crying face replacing the Jumpman logo on the tongue.

They even got Crying Jordan on the insole.

The sneakers, a customized pair of Air Jordan VIIIs, are the work of Andrew Weiss and Sherman Winfield, who made them as a 1-of-1 art project. They started the project in Dec. 2015, and told ESPN that they'll probably just keep it in their shoe collections, which between the two of them total more than 125 pairs. Weiss and Winfield, who currently reside in New York and are both huge fans of Jordan and Nike, have no intention of selling the sneaker or making another pair. Which means the higher-ranked sneakers in the Air Jordan line are safe from meme-ing. For now.