Lionel Messi delivers on promise after Stephen Curry passes 10M Instagram followers

Stephen Curry might be sidelined for the start of the second round of the playoffs, but the Golden State Warriors guard is still putting up big numbers -- at least on social media. Recently, he surpassed 10 million followers on Instagram, and to commemorate the milestone, he was given a signed jersey from Argentinian soccer star Lionel Messi, who wears the famed No. 10 for his country and for Barcelona.

The inscription from Messi says "With much love for Curry." The signed jersey was a well-timed get-well gift for the injured Curry, and also paid off Messi's end of a promise he made back when he passed 30 million Instagram followers and was given a signed jersey by Curry, who wears No. 30.

Messi's following is now more than 41 million, putting him among the top 20 most-followed accounts on the social media platform. But even if you combined Messi's followers and Curry's followers, they wouldn't eclipse the most-followed sports star: Cristiano Ronaldo has more than 56 million followers, making him the eighth-most followed individual account in the world.