Etan Thomas posts discrimination claim to Facebook

Former NBA player Etan Thomas has called out a woman he says denied him a seat next to her on a crowded train only to offer it to another passenger.

He wrote in a Facebook post Friday that he asked a woman if he could sit next to her on a crowded train but was told the seat was taken. Thomas, who is black, says a white man inquired about the seat less than two minutes later and the woman obliged.

Thomas says he confronted the woman and took a picture, which he posted to Facebook. He says she called the conductor, who Thomas says was a fan of his.

He didn't say where the incident took place or what train line he was on.

Thomas played nine seasons in the NBA, seven of them with the Washington Wizards. He most recently played for the Atlanta Hawks in 2010-11 before retiring.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.