President Obama has 'discussed' being NBA owner, White House says

Could Obama lure free agents as an NBA owner? (1:50)

Mike Greenberg and John Salley speculate on how much of an impact President Obama would have on an NBA teams free agent aspirations if he were to become an owner. (1:50)

Much has been made of what might be next for President Barack Obama after he leaves the White House in January. According to press secretary Josh Earnest, becoming an NBA owner might be an option.

Earnest said Wednesday that the president, well known for being a big fan of Chicago sports teams, has "discussed" being part of an ownership group for an NBA franchise. Earnest added that Obama would pursue the opportunity "potentially ... under the right circumstances."

Obama, 54, has previously expressed an interest in becoming an NBA owner, telling GQ Magazine in November that he "absolutely" would want to be part of an NBA ownership group.

"I have fantasized about being able to put together a team and how much fun that would be," he said in the GQ interview. "I think it'd be terrific."