Forecast gives newcomer edge to Durant over Horford

EPA/John G. Mabanglo

We've covered how each team in the East and West will finish, as well as which players will take home the Rookie of the Year and MVP awards. Now our panel is projecting which addition will have the biggest impact on his team this season.

We asked the ESPN Forecast team to rank its top three choices for the 2016-17 best newcomer, with a first-place vote receiving five points, a second-place vote receiving three and a third-place vote receiving one. (Here's how ESPN Forecast works.)

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Best newcomer projections

1. Kevin Durant
Golden State Warriors | SF
First-place votes: 37
Total points: 201

2. Al Horford
Boston Celtics | PF-C
First-place votes: 10
Total points: 132

3. Pau Gasol
San Antonio Spurs | C
First-place votes: 0
Total points: 19

4. Dwyane Wade
Chicago Bulls | SG
First-place votes: 0
Total points: 9

T-5. Dwight Howard
Atlanta Hawks | C
First-place votes: 0
Total points: 7

T-5. Ben Simmons
Philadelphia 76ers | SF
First-place votes: 0
Total points: 7

Also receiving votes: George Hill, Jazz (4); Victor Oladipo, Thunder (4); Derrick Rose, Knicks (4); Joakim Noah, Knicks (3); Chandler Parsons, Grizzlies (3); Ryan Anderson, Rockets (2); Kris Dunn, Timberwolves (2); Serge Ibaka, Magic (2); Harrison Barnes, Mavericks (1); Bismack Biyombo, Magic (1); Luol Deng, Lakers (1); Brandon Ingram, Lakers (1); Al Jefferson, Pacers (1); Nene, Rockets (1); Jeff Teague, Pacers (1); Thaddeus Young, Pacers (1).