Enes Kanter mocks KD, Lakers fans over Russell Westbrook's extension

With news that Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Russell Westbrook has agreed to a three-year, $85 million contract extension with the team, Thunder big man Enes Kanter had fun Thursday at the expense of former teammate Kevin Durant and Los Angeles Lakers fans.

After reports broke indicating Westbrook was going to sign an extension, Kanter tweeted out a Crying Jordan meme, mocking Lakers fans.

Several hours later, Westbrook posted a photo of himself, screaming in a game with a Thunder jersey on, to Instagram and Twitter. Westbrook didn't include a caption or text officially announcing his contract extension, but the timing of the post implied he is indeed staying in Oklahoma City for the time being.

Soon after Westbrook's post (which Kanter retweeted), Kanter hopped back on Twitter to troll Durant. Kanter's ensuring tweet featured Westbrook's face Photoshopped onto the cover photo of Durant's Players' Tribune article -- in which he made the announcement last month that he was signing with the Golden State Warriors -- and the caption "I Ain't Leavin'".

The 2016-17 NBA regular-season schedule hasn't been announced yet, but all this Twitter banter can only add fuel to the fire for what will likely be a contentious first meeting between the Warriors and Thunder.