Bobbleheads get an upgrade, thanks to NBA's giveaways

Most NBA teams don't seem to be trying that hard in the promotional giveaway space; they don't have to. They have half the amount of home games as baseball teams and the ability to affect the attendance for a bad matchup sometimes isn't worth the cost of an item.

That said, the teams that are giving this area attention stand out. Here's the best items that are being given away this year:

1. Miles Plumlee Bobblehead Toothbrush Holder
Team: Milwaukee Bucks
Date: Feb. 26, 2017
We thought every bobblehead idea had been done and then came the Milwaukee Bucks, with this brilliant bobblehead that holds a toothbrush and is sponsored by a dentist. Just perfect.

2. Kemba Walker Starting Lineup Figure
Team: Charlotte Hornets
Giveaway date: Feb. 11, 2017
Thank you to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for bringing back Starting Lineup figures with their Jameis Winston giveaway this year. The Hornets haven't unveiled what their Starting Lineups look like -- they will have Kemba, Nic Batum and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist -- but we know that they will be in high demand. Florida-based Matchup Promotions owns the rights to create the retro toys for team giveaways. Expect this company to just get busier.

3. Andre Iguodala Bobblehead
Team: Golden State Warriors
Giveaway date: Jan. 10, 2017
We all know the Warriors don't need any promotions. They'll sell out every game by themselves. But we give them a golf clap for still giving their fans some great items. Two bobbleheads stand out this year: this one, which features Iguodala and his favorite hobbies (golf and tech); another being a Nate Thurmond bobblehead.

4. Retro Tank top
Team: Phoenix Suns
Giveaway date: Nov. 9, 2016
Sometimes, it's just the perfect execution that counts. This is one of those times. For "College Night," the Phoenix Suns are giving away a retro tank top, which will undoubtedly take people who were in college in the early '90s, back to the days of KJ and Majerle. For current college kids who weren't born then, the tank top play also has massive appeal.

5. Bud Light Red Glass
Team: Chicago Bulls
Giveaway date: Oct. 27, 2016
Bud Light's app, which allows fans to sync their team's game to a red light that goes off in their house when their team scores a goal, has been a very effective way of speaking to hockey fans. The goal light has now translated into drink glasses, which also works with the app. While we're not sure how the red light will work with basketball, we're guessing this is a hockey crossover item given how many Blackhawks fans will be in the crowd for Bulls opening night.