Delly goes to Hollywood: Aussie star's life to be turned into movie

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

MILWAUKEE -- It was an eventful summer for Matthew Dellavedova.

Championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers in June. New $38 million contract from the Milwaukee Bucks in July. Olympic run with Australia in Rio in August. Engagement to his longtime girlfriend in September.

"What is it?" Dellavedova said Tuesday morning after Bucks shootaround before the point guard's first game against his former team, trying to recall a phrase. "'The most stressful things are a city change, a job change and an engagement.' No, I'm only joking. It's been really good."

The storybook couple of months typifies Dellavedova's surprising rise from the tiny town of Maryborough, Victoria in Australia to the best basketball league in the world. It's a story so interesting, in fact, that a pair of Hollywood producers have teamed up with Dellavedova to make a movie about his life with production slated to begin in 2017.

"Well, my Aussie agent got approached by these two guys from L.A. and initially I told him no and he said, 'Just listen to what I have to say,'" Dellavedova recalled of his conversation with his manager, Bruce Kaider. "And yeah, got talking to them and they just thought it would be good to hopefully inspire kids that you can make it from anywhere. I mean, I grew up in a pretty small country town in Australia and I wound up making it to the NBA. So I think if we do it the right way, which I feel pretty good about, hopefully it will work out well and can inspire kids that no dream is too big to dream."

The producers, Zachary Green and Jason Shuman, have worked on notable films such as "Lone Survivor," and convinced the 26-year-old known as "Delly" that they will serve his story appropriately.

"Delly's inspirational story about overcoming the odds is one everyone can relate to," Kaider said in a statement. "In real-life, it played out just like a movie."

The fourth-year veteran was unaware of if the film would be released in Australia and the United States or just his native land when it is eventually finished.

"We'll see," Dellavedova said. "It's very, very early stages. We'll see."

He also wouldn't mention which actor he would prefer to slip on his No. 8 uniform to play the role, although he did get a chuckle when one reporter suggested Brad Pitt.

"We'll have to see if anybody wants to," Dellavedova said. "We'll see."

As for seeing his former teammates for the first time Tuesday night, Dellavedova sounded appreciative of his time with the Cavs.

"It was tough to decide to leave because you're coming off the highest of highs and I loved my time in Cleveland," Dellavedova said. "Fun team, great group of guys, great organization and fans obviously. But I had an opportunity here that I couldn't pass up to see how good I could be as a starting point guard and really challenge myself. You never know if or when that opportunity will come along again."

He will receive his championship ring during a pregame ceremony when the Cavs host the Bucks at Quicken Loans Arena on December 21.

"It will be a good Christmas present," Dellavedova said.

And perhaps good fodder for a scene in his movie to boot.