Celtics' Isaiah Thomas misses start of second half due to missing teeth

WASHINGTON -- Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas said the teeth he had surgically repaired earlier this week fell out again during Thursday's Game 3 against the Washington Wizards, forcing him to miss the start of the second half as a team physician reinserted them.

Thomas lost one of his top front teeth and suffered damage to neighboring teeth when his face hit Otto Porter Jr.'s elbow during Sunday's Game 1 win in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Thomas underwent six hours of oral surgery Monday and spent another four hours Tuesday in the hospital to reduce the swelling that occurred.

Thomas scored 53 points during Tuesday's Game 2 victory, but he was limited to 13 points on 3-of-8 shooting over 29 minutes in Thursday's 116-89 loss at the Verizon Center.

"[My teeth] came out. I had to get them back in," Thomas said when asked about missing the start of the second half. Marcus Smart started the third quarter in his place, but Thomas returned just 1 minute, 40 seconds into the second half.

"They're temporary, so if they get hit, they might crack, they might come out," Thomas said. "I can't get any permanent teeth in until the season is over. It is what it is."

Asked if he might have to spend Friday's off day back in the dentist's chair, Thomas said he's done with those visits until Boston's playoff run is over.

"I'm staying out of the dentist," he said. "You might see me with no teeth."

Thomas didn't take his first shot Thursday until nearly four minutes into the game and didn't register his first point until a free throw with 1:22 to play in the first quarter. Thomas' first field goal didn't come until 1:21 into the second quarter.

"They had three guys on me, so I couldn't really do anything," he said. "I'll make the adjustments. It's fine."

Thomas added: "I mean they were just showing more people. Like Games 1 and 2, once I could get past the second guy, it was kind of open. They probably had a point of emphasis of clogging the lane and, when [Thomas] comes off pick and rolls, show two or three guys as they should. But it won't happen again. We'll make the adjustments as a team, I'll watch film, I'll make the adjustments myself and see where I can pick them apart. They did a really good job tonight, though. On both ends of the floor they set the tone."

Avery Bradley admitted it was an off night for Thomas but noted how the Wizards cranked up their defensive intensity and forced 10 first-half turnovers. Jae Crowder said it was clear the Wizards were not going to let Thomas have another big night.

"Everybody on the court was aware of where he was at," Crowder said. "You can't expect him to go for 50 every night. But that wasn't the game. The game was them attacking us on both ends -- they put us on our heels."