Team-by-team projections for every NBA player's 2017-18 season

Here's how each player projects for this season. Photo by Aaron Lavinsky/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire

How does every player project overall heading into opening night?

My SCHOENE player projections start with a baseline projection based on performance over the past three seasons, weighted by age. SCHOENE uses this baseline projection, to find the most similar past players in 13 categories (including height and weight) at the same age. For most players, SCHOENE uses a pool of 50 comparable players to estimate how age will affect their performance this season.

In addition to using NBA performance, SCHOENE also projects players with translated statistics from the G League and several international leagues using a similar process. The performance of rookies from the NCAA ranks is projected by translating their college performance to its NBA equivalent.

Players are projected in terms of their wins above replacement player (WARP), their win percentage (the per-minute version of WARP, akin to PER), their usage rate and also their wins above replacement (WAR) based on their projection in ESPN's real plus-minus.

You can also find projected per-game stats from SCHOENE in ESPN's fantasy projections.

Note: Players are ordered based on projected minutes per game.