Nike working with NBA to avoid future jersey tears after LeBron James mishap

Nearly three days after one of its jerseys tore in the first regular-season game of its new deal with the NBA, Nike released a statement Friday expressing concern about the issue, without offering insight as to what happened or what will be done.

"The quality and performance of all our products are of utmost importance," the company said. "We are obviously very concerned to see any game day jersey tear and are working with the NBA and teams to avoid this happening in the future."

Late in Tuesday's season-opening game between Cleveland and Boston, the jersey of Cavaliers star LeBron James -- Nike's highest-paid active NBA player -- tore down the middle after being grabbed by Celtics guard Jaylen Brown.

Nike just this year took over as the league's official apparel provider. The eight-year deal is worth approximately $1 billion.

In the preseason opener on Oct. 1, Los Angeles Lakers guard Tyler Ennis' jersey ripped, with the 0 on his No. 10 uniform left hanging.

This summer, Nike said its NBA jerseys would absorb sweat 30 percent faster than the previous jerseys made by Adidas. The companies used similar jerseys at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil and with some college basketball teams, but didn't experience any issues.

The torn jersey worn by James is being auctioned by the NBA. As of 4 p.m. ET Friday, the top bid was $10,040. The auction, which benefits hurricane relief efforts, closes on Oct. 26.