Board OKs plan for LeBron James' 'I Promise' school in Akron

The school board in LeBron James' Ohio hometown has approved the plan for a public school being created in partnership with the NBA star's foundation.

The LeBron James Family Foundation says the "I Promise" School in Akron will be geared toward educating students who are at risk of falling behind. It will have longer days and begin classes in the summer -- weeks before other district schools -- to encourage information retention.

It's scheduled to open next fall for third- and fourth-graders and add more grade levels in future years.

"I've got a school that's opening up, a real school that's going to look after these kids every single day like a real school," James said Thursday. "I might be an assistant principal one day, make sure my kids are doing what they're supposed to be doing. It's unbelievable."

The idea is based on the foundation's existing "I Promise" programs that encourage struggling students to stay in school.

Supporters cheered after the Akron School Board approved the school's plan Monday.

New York-based production company Warrior Poets says it will soon begin filming a documentary series centered on the school in partnership with James' production company SpringHill Entertainment.

ESPN's Dave McMenamin and The Associated Press contributed to this report.