Enes Kanter gets warning after trolling LeBron James again

Kanter enjoys keeping it light on Twitter (0:44)

Enes Kanter says he's serious on the court, but likes having fun especially on social media. (0:44)

LOS ANGELES -- After his latest trolling tweet directed at LeBron James, New York Knicks big man Enes Kanter admitted that one of his former Oklahoma City Thunder teammates told him that the Cleveland Cavaliers star was going to get his revenge on the floor soon.

"One texted me just to say -- I'm not going to say who -- but he texted me, 'You're about to get 50 dropped on you, boy.'" Kanter said before Sunday's matinee against the Los Angeles Lakers. "I responded something back, but I'm not going to say what it is."

Kanter's latest tweet came immediately after the Cavs lost 148-124 to the Thunder on Saturday. He also included James' "strive for greatness" phrase:

When initially asked about the tweet, Kanter playfully said that he wanted to focus on the Lakers game, but when asked about the possibility of being in James' head, Kanter acknowledged that he has a lot of respect for the former MVP.

"He got mad at me, obviously," Kanter said, referring to remarks he made about James in the past. "I mess with him a lot, but obviously he's the best player in the league. I respect the guy a lot. But I think right now they are struggling or whatever. I don't even think he's even thinking about what I tweet. I think he's worried about his team. I don't even think he's thinking about what I'm going to tweet or not. Because I think they are struggling right now and the only thing he's thinking about ... just getting his team [on track]."

Kanter reaffirmed that he enjoys using Twitter and obviously liked the fact that his former team dropped 148 points on James and the Cavs, but he says once he hits the floor he doesn't worry about what he might have said on social media.

"On the court you got to be serious," Kanter said. "Whenever we step on the court, I forget about everything. That or this or all the outside talking ... but outside the court we got to have fun. This is all about having fun. Just putting a smile on people's face. I think I'm doing it."

The Knicks play the Cavs again on April 9 at Madison Square Garden.