By the numbers: The stats behind Westbrook's 100 triple-doubles

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Russell Westbrook is the fourth member of the NBA's 100 triple-double club, joining Oscar Robertson (181), Magic Johnson (138) and Jason Kidd (107). Here's a look at the stats behind Westbrook's triple-double domination:

Few teams can compete with Westbrook

Since coming into the league in 2008-09, Westbrook has more than twice as many triple-doubles as any other franchise. And looking beyond the scope of Westbrook's career, he has more triple-doubles than 23 of the other 29 active franchises do ... all-time!

Only the Sacramento Kings (267), Los Angeles Lakers (258), Boston Celtics (203), Philadelphia 76ers (140), Golden State Warriors (128) and Brooklyn Nets (104) have more than Westbrook's 100.

When it comes to fending against a Westbrook triple-double, no team is safe -- except the Thunder, of course.

Westbrook has notched a triple-double against each of the other 29 franchises, something no other player in history has done (Kidd, with 28, and LeBron James, with 27, rank second and third).

Westbrook's triple-doubles have skyrocketed post-KD

In his first season playing without former teammate Kevin Durant, who signed with the Warriors following the 2015-16 season, Westbrook had more triple-doubles (42) than he did in his first eight seasons combined (37).

The additions of Paul George and Carmelo Anthony have put a damper on his triple-double frequency, but Westbrook's 21 triple-doubles already rank in the top 10 all time for a single season with a month remaining in 2017-18.

Steven Adams, triple-double sidekick

Thunder center Steven Adams has been a part of more Westbrook triple-doubles than any other player, appearing in 88 of his 100 (Durant appeared in 25 as a teammate).

During the 100 triple-doubles, Adams has scored on 236 of Westbrook's assists, over 100 more than anyone else. Of Westbrook's 912 made field goals of his own, 727 have been unassisted, but the player with the most assists to Westbrook in those games?

Who else but Adams, who has 32 dimes to Westbrook over the course of the 100 triple-doubles.

Can Westbrook catch The Big O again?

Westbrook already surpassed Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson with a record-breaking 42 triple-doubles during last season's MVP run, but could his career mark of 181 be within reach? To top the Big O once more, Westbrook would have to accomplish a feat never done before in NBA history.

Westbrook will turn 30 on Nov. 12, and the most triple-doubles after turning 30 years old is 61 by Wilt Chamberlain, according to Elias Sports Bureau research. Westbrook currently sits 81 triple-doubles away from Robertson's career mark, but if anyone can do it, it's Oklahoma City's electric point guard.