NBA playoff predictions: Who advances to East finals?

Did LeBron turn in his best postseason series? (1:53)

John Buccigross details LeBron James' stats in the Cavaliers' series against the Pacers and where they rank all time. (1:53)

Which two teams will win the Eastern Conference semifinals, and how many games will each series go?

Our ESPN Forecast panel predicts Cavaliers-Raptors and Sixers-Celtics.

Note: All predictions made before Game 1 of each series.

(1) Raptors vs. (4) Cavaliers

Likelihood of winning series

  • ESPN Forecast: Raptors 54 percent likely to win; Cavs 46 percent

  • Basketball Power Index: Raptors (88 percent)

  • Fan panel: Raptors (53 percent)

  • 538: Raptors (71 percent)


Game 1: Tuesday | 8 p.m. ET, TNT

(2) Celtics vs. (3) 76ers

Likelihood of winning series

Predictions published before Game 1.

  • ESPN Forecast: 76ers 62 percent likely to win; Celtics 38 percent

  • Basketball Power Index: Celtics (51 percent)

  • Fan panel: 76ers (63 percent)

  • 538: 76ers (71 percent)


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