Porter says he's 'feeling great' heading into NBA draft

Porter says injury reports were 'exaggerated' (1:50)

Michael Porter Jr. chats with Will Cain and says his hip was a little sore last week. He also says he had back pain throughout high school. (1:50)

Former Missouri freshman Michael Porter Jr., who had issues with his hip and back, said Monday that he's "feeling great" and wouldn't dismiss the idea of working out for teams this week ahead of Thursday's NBA draft.

"It's a possibility," Porter said on The Will Cain Show on ESPN Radio. "I feel good. ... I got evaluated. I let the doctors come in and do all their tests on me. I'm feeling good. I think the teams are comfortable, but I might get a couple workouts in."

Last week, teams were invited to a medical examination of Porter, who recently suffered from a strained hip and had back spasms.

Porter missed most of his only season at Missouri after injuring his back in November, which required him to have surgery on his L3 and L4 spinal disks. Porter was cleared to play in March and participated in two games for Missouri, shooting 9-for-29 from the field.

Porter said Monday that reports about his injury status last week, particularly his hip, "got exaggerated a lot."

"It was just a little sore, so I told [my agent] my hip was kind of sore and he just wanted to shut it down for a couple of days," Porter said. "And then people took that and kind of ran with it, saying, you know, my hip was injured, I couldn't get out of bed. ... None of that was really true. I was just sore and I wanted to take a couple of days off. So that's all that was."

Regarding his back, Porter said it's "normal. I have no issues with it. There's no risk of reinjury ... every MRI that I've done is perfect."

Porter is ranked No. 6 among the top 100 prospects for the draft, according to ESPN's Jonathan Givony.