Gem mint Larry Bird-Magic Johnson rookie card goes for $125,200

A gem mint version of a 1980 Larry Bird-Magic Johnson Topps rookie card had a winning bid of $125,200 on eBay on Wednesday night.

If the sale is consummated, it would be one of the highest prices paid for a basketball card.

Among the cards that have sold for more: a 1969 Topps Lew Alcindor sold for $501,900 in 2016; a 1948 George Mikan rookie card sold for $403,664 in 2015; and a 2003 autographed LeBron "Logoman" rookie card sold for $312,000 in 2016.

Wednesday's price is almost $30,000 higher than the previous high price paid for the Bird-Magic card. A collector paid $96,000 for the card in 2016.