The NBA's City series continues its rollout

If anyone named Crockett or Tubbs joins the NBA, the Miami Heat is ready for them. Miami Heat

NBA teams are continuing to roll out their "City Edition" alternate uniforms, which are due to start being worn in-game on Nov. 9. All 30 teams will have a City uniform this season, and all but one of the designs will be new. (The Jazz are sticking with last year's design.) Late last week we assessed the first round of this season's new City alternates. Today we take a look at the latest wave, from best to worst.

Washington Wizards

Sigh, yet another black alternate. But while this design may not be particularly creative, it gets the job done. Simple, sharp, effective. Grade: A-

Miami Heat

If you accept that proposition that NBA teams have essentially become lifestyle brands, then it's hard to argue with the Heat's second consecutive "Miami Vice"-themed uniform. Last season's was white, this season's in black -- will next season's be pink? Docked a grade for essentially repeating last season's design. Additional info here. Grade: A-

Milwaukee Bucks

This one seems destined to end up in lots of "Worst Uniforms Ever" roundups a few years from now, which is a shame, because it could have been so much better. The uni is based on the Bucks' old Mecca court design by the artist Robert Indiana -- a great idea for a uniform theme. But the execution feels more a hodgepodge of elements than a coherent design. And why go with vertically stacked lettering (topped by the Harley-Davidson ad patch, ugh) when the Mecca's center court lettering was circular? A designer at the Chicago branding firm Gameplan Creative came up with a much better execution that gives a tantalizing view of what might have been:

As for the version the Bucks are going with, your friendly uniform columnist suspects it may one day achieve "So bad it's good" status, as people look back on it as a piece of endearing kitsch. But it could have been so much more than that. Additional photos here. Grade: C-

Phoenix Suns

It's bad enough that this is essentially a do-over of last season's City alternate. Even worse, the tightly kerned lettering makes it easy to see the word "LOSS" on the chest -- a word the Suns are already too familiar with this season. Grade: D

Thirteen teams have unveiled their new City uniforms so far. That leaves 16 teams still to go before the uniforms begin their on-court rollout this Friday, which should make for a busy week.

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