Testy Kevin Durant-Draymond Green exchange spills into locker room

Will there be lingering tension between KD and Draymond? (2:03)

The Jump panel does not seem too concerned about frustrations between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green extending into the locker room. (2:03)

An angry late-game exchange between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green carried into the Golden State Warriors locker room on Monday night in Los Angeles, where some teammates loudly confronted Green for his decision-making on the final play of regulation, league sources told ESPN.

After the 121-116 overtime loss to the LA Clippers, some witnesses described the closed-door exchange as one of the most intense of this Warriors era. No one had to be separated, no player left his seat and no hint of physicality loomed in the setting, sources said.

Durant's impending free agency heightens the sensitivity of the turmoil.

The organization is taking seriously the fallout of Monday night's confrontation, spending Tuesday working through the issues that may have been created -- or even advanced -- within the team's dynamic, league sources said.

Warriors officials were weighing whether comments made between teammates had crossed a line, sources said.

Teammates argued with Green over his choice in the final moments to keep the ball instead of passing to Durant for a try at a game-winning shot, sources said. Meanwhile, Green was forceful in defending himself, which helped to escalate the volume in the room, sources said.

Durant was visibly upset when Green gathered a defensive rebound in the final moments of a tie game and dribbled the ball up the court before losing control without a shot. Durant was seen clapping his hands, an apparent call for the ball.

Neither player addressed the media after the game, but veteran point guard Shaun Livingston downplayed the heated exchange.

"Just team spirit," Livingston said. "Team spirit. Guys wanted a different outcome than what happened. Obviously, Dray had the turnover, guys might have thought they were open or wanted the basketball, didn't get it. Things happen like that in sports. But it was good to see some fire, some emotion."

The Warriors next play Atlanta on Tuesday night at Oracle Arena.