Coach Steve Kerr on Warriors' woes: 'I've gotta do a better job'

Kerr: 'One of my worst performances as a coach" (1:14)

Steve Kerr explains that tonight was not his best as a coach, how he needs to go back and re-evaluate the job he has done so far this season. (1:14)

DETROIT -- Despite having Stephen Curry back on the court for the first time in more than three weeks, Steve Kerr said he had perhaps "one of my worst performances as a coach" after the Golden State Warriors lost in Detroit on Saturday night.

After seeing the Pistons outshoot the Warriors from 3-point range -- Detroit went 12-of-35 compared with 6-of-26 for Golden State -- Kerr pointed the finger at himself after a 111-102 loss.

"I did not like our offense tonight," Kerr said of the Warriors, who shot 45.9 percent overall. "I've gotta do a better job, honestly. Tonight was probably a game I could mark down as one of my worst performances as a coach, honestly.

"All in all, I've got do a better job than I've done here the first couple of months of the season. This is ... just gotta get better. We've gotta get better shots. We gotta get more spacing, get better flow."

The Warriors, who are still missing Draymond Green (toe), have lost six consecutive road games. Before this slide, the Warriors had not lost more than three straight on the road during Kerr's tenure. Golden State (15-9) has also dropped eight of its past 13 games.

Kerr, who has three championships in his first four seasons as Warriors coach, said he did not like the Warriors' spacing and some of the combinations he used. The Warriors struggled from 3-point range, even with Curry returning after an 11-game absence due to a groin injury.

On the season, the Warriors have taken 710 3-pointers, but opponents have taken 110 more.

"I'm just tired of seeing three people in the paint every time we are penetrating," Kerr said. "The paint is so bunched up. I know we are top-heavy with our shooting. We've got obviously some of the great shooters in our starting lineup, but we've got a lot of guys that are coming off the bench or been in the lineup who are not 3-point shooters or aren't shooting 3s.

"So I've got to do a better job of finding combinations that work and find spacing that works. Because right now, what we're [seeing] is not working."

Curry made 10 of 21 shots but was just 3-for-9 from behind the arc. He finished with 27 points, five rebounds and seven turnovers.

Kevin Durant scored 28 points but missed six of seven 3-point attempts. Klay Thompson had 21 points but missed four of five from behind the arc. This was the 84th time the trio has combined to take 20 3-pointers in a game, but it was just the fifth time they finished with five or fewer made in those games, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

"It's something that we just got to watch film and see where we can create better opportunities for us to shoot 3s," Durant said. "Sometimes our spacing is a little messed up, and that's on the leaders on the team out on the floor to get that in order."

The Warriors will attempt to end their road slide at Atlanta (5-18) on Monday.

"It's not on Steve," Thompson said of Kerr taking the blame. "I think it's on us. We didn't play with the greatest sense of urgency tonight. Give Detroit credit ... But we didn't make it tough on them at all. They were too comfortable."

"So when we go to Atlanta, we got to come out -- I don't care what Atlanta's record is -- we got to play as hard as we can."