NBA trade deadline: News, grades and rumblings

McGrady: Fultz to get 'fresh start' with Magic (1:42)

Tracy McGrady says he's pleased to hear about Markelle Fultz's trade to the Magic. (1:42)

The 2019 NBA trade deadline has passed, and Anthony Davis is still with the New Orleans Pelicans.

Today's biggest deals that did go through: The Memphis Grizzlies traded center Marc Gasol to the Toronto Raptors, while the Philadelphia 76ers sent former No. 1 overall pick Markelle Fultz to the Orlando Magic.

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What you need to know after the deadline

Anthony Davis didn't get traded -- now what?

ESPN NBA Insider Bobby Marks details the next steps for Davis, the Pelicans, the Celtics and the Lakers:

While the pool of players available to acquire in a trade will shrink in the offseason, expect clarity to set in during the months of May and June. By lottery night on May 14, we will know if the Boston Celtics have two top draft picks, plus which team has a chance to draft potential franchise player Zion Williamson.

What is Markelle Fultz's next move in Orlando?

The Philadelphia 76ers are parting ways with the 2017 No. 1 overall pick. ESPN NBA Insider Kevin Pelton grades the deal:

It's probably more difficult to determine Fultz's value than for any other player's in the league. That's how great the chasm is between the potential he showed in his lone season at the University of Washington and his ineffective NBA performance so far in brief appearances for Philadelphia.

How good is Toronto with Marc Gasol?

The former Defensive Player of the Year is headed to the Raptors. Pelton grades the deal:

There's no question that Marc Gasol is an upgrade over the more limited Jonas Valanciunas, particularly at the defensive end of the court. The concern is whether Gasol will be amenable to the kind of role reduction Valanciunas accepted this season.

How the Tobias Harris trade shakes up the NBA

The biggest move this week was a stunner on Tuesday night with ramifications inside and outside of Philadelphia, where the 76ers now have a loaded starting five. Tim Bontemps breaks it down:

Assuming Philadelphia is able to pull this off and keep Ben Simmons, Jimmy Butler, Tobias Harris and Joel Embiid together long term, the Sixers should be a threat in the East for years to come. The question now is how do the other contenders react? The Bucks have likely already made their big moves, while the Celtics have to wait until the offseason to make the swing they've been plotting for years -- trying to land Anthony Davis. That leaves the Raptors as the team most likely to counter with an aggressive move, and it won't be a surprise if Toronto does something significant between now and Thursday afternoon.

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Live updates

  • The Memphis Grizzlies are keeping Mike Conley, league sources tell Wojnarowski. Memphis discussed deals with multiple teams but ultimately decided to hold onto their franchise point guard. The Grizzlies did trade guard Shelvin Mack to the Atlanta Hawks on Thursday, league sources told Wojnarowski.

  • Nearly three hours from the NBA's trade deadline, the Lakers-Pelicans talks on Anthony Davis are dormant, league sources told Wojnarowski. There's been no communication, nor an expectation the two teams will even speak today. Pelicans seem content to run out the clock.

  • There are still gaps needing to be bridged in Marc Gasol discussions between Memphis and Charlotte, league sources told Wojnarowski. Talks continued this morning.

Feb. 6 updates

  • The New Orleans Pelicans say there is no animosity toward Anthony Davis, as they continue to hold him out from action prior to Thursday's trade deadline. Head coach Alvin Gentry said before the Pelicans' 125-120 win over the Chicago Bulls, "He's a great kid. When he's been on the court, he's given us everything that he has. So no, I don't feel let down by him at all. Whatever happens is going to happen, and we'll go from there."

  • Kyle Lowry has no desire to play for anyone but the Toronto Raptors. But if the All-Star guard is sent elsewhere between now and Thursday's trade deadline, Lowry said he'll have no hard feelings toward the team he has played for the past six-plus seasons.

Feb. 5 updates

  • The Los Angeles Lakers are still willing to engage with the New Orleans Pelicans on an Anthony Davis trade, but no longer want to bid against themselves, league sources told Wojnarowski. The Lakers are waiting for the Pelicans to make a counter-proposal.

Feb. 4 updates

  • The New Orleans Pelicans have been made aware of an extended list of teams beyond the Lakers and Knicks that All-Star center Anthony Davis would stay with long-term upon a trade, league sources told Wojnarowski. The list doesn't include the Boston Celtics, league sources said, but does contain the Los Angeles Lakers, LA Clippers, New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks.

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Jan. 28 update

  • Agent Rich Paul of Klutch Sports has informed the New Orleans Pelicans that All-NBA forward Anthony Davis won't sign a contract extension and has requested a trade, Paul told ESPN on Monday morning.

Jan. 26 update

  • Milwaukee Bucks center Thon Maker wants a trade from the Milwaukee Bucks, according to Wojnarowski. Maker, selected tenth overall by the Bucks in 2016, has not played in four games this month and has not played 20 minutes in a game since December 5. Maker is eligible to negotiate a rookie contract extension this offseason.

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