Chandler Parsons frustrated to remain off floor despite being cleared of knee injury

Memphis Grizzlies forward Chandler Parsons says the team continues to keep him off the floor even though he has been cleared to play and has been participating in practice.

"The most confusing part for me is I'm healthy," Parsons told the Commercial Appeal of Memphis on Saturday. "I'm medically cleared by the people I work with every single day, that are experts at this kind of stuff, so it's frustrating to watch a team struggle and I'm sitting there on the bench healthy, dying to play."

Parsons pointed to general manager Chris Wallace and the Grizzlies' front office as the reason he isn't back in games.

After playing in the first three games of the season, Parsons had knee trouble resurface in mid-October. The Grizzlies initially planned for him to miss two months, but a set return date of Dec. 21 has come and gone.

Parsons said he that has participated in 5-on-5 practices for the past two weeks without issue and was willing to join the Grizzlies' G League team for some rehab work, but that the timing hasn't worked out.

The frustration is starting to show for the eighth-year veteran.

"No communication. No nothing," Parsons told the newspaper. "I don't think it's from a basketball standpoint. It's definitely not from a health standpoint. I've been cleared by the medical staff of our organization, and clearly it's not about fitting. I already earned a starting spot out of training camp and have shown I can fit with the team. I think the confusion for me is there's no communication about what's going on and when I'm going to play."

Grizzlies coach J.B. Bickerstaff declined to address the situation, telling the Commercial Appeal he has "nothing to say" about Parsons.

Parsons has one more season remaining after 2018-19 on the four-year, $94 million contract he signed in 2016. He is making $24.1 million this season and is set to receive $25.1 million in 2019-20.

He said he hopes to resolve the issue quickly and get back to basketball.

"I hope to salvage it," Parsons told the Commercial Appeal. "I hope to play as soon as possible and help our team win as many games as possible."