Curry credits contacts for boost in 3-point shot

Stephen Curry, one of the greatest 3-point shooters the NBA has ever seen, has boosted his accuracy in the past few weeks.

The Golden State Warriors star credits contact lenses.

"It's like the whole world has opened up," he told The Athletic.

Talking to reporters Thursday, Curry said he didn't have any eye disease, just blurry vision. He declined to say what his vision was before the contacts.

"I have blurry vision like millions of people across the country in terms of needing corrective lenses to see sharper," he said.

"You get used to what it looks like and you adjust."

He said his vision is now clearer and sharper.

"Like a camera lens when you put it in focus," Curry said, "sometimes when it's a degree off you can still see what the image is but it's not as sharp."

Curry, 31, has indeed found his shot anew in the past three weeks. A 43.6 percent shooter from 3-point range for his career and 43.8 this season, Curry has a 48.7 3-point percentage since March 16, when he started wearing contacts. He has also sunk five or more 3-pointers in nine straight games.

He said the difference was subtle.

"Yeah, it's noticeable," Curry said. "But if I played without them, it wouldn't be as good but I'd be all right. I'd be able to see my teammates and be able to throw them the ball and play basketball."