Rivers: Stranger returned $2K dropped on street

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Clippers head Doc Rivers lost $2,000 dollars on the San Francisco streets Monday morning, only to have a stranger give it back to him.

Rivers ended his pregame news conference prior to Game 2 of the Clippers' Western Conference quarterfinal against the Golden State Warriors by telling the story of a random act of kindness that left the assembled media in awe.

"Last thing," Rivers said after the questions finished. "Shout out to the San Francisco person who at the corner today, I was walking down the street -- this is a true story -- I reached in my pocket to grab my phone, unbeknownst to me I dropped about two grand on the street, kept walking, didn't know it. A guy tapped me on the back and said, 'That's your money.'"

Rivers couldn't believe his luck.

"I don't know a lot of places that that would happen," he said. "But it happened today, so whoever that was, you could have had free tickets if you hadn't have ran away."