Bulls' Zach LaVine says trust an issue with coach Jim Boylen

Chicago Bulls leading scorer Zach LaVine says he senses a lack of trust from coach Jim Boylen after the guard was temporarily pulled in the first quarter of Friday's loss to the Miami Heat.

"I'm trying my best, I'll say that," LaVine told Yahoo Sports after the 116-108 loss to the Heat. "I'm playing my minutes and trying to do the best I can do. It's tough, especially when you're in a rut. If he doesn't trust me, it's hard to trust someone who doesn't trust you."

Boylen removed LaVine midway through the first quarter after the Bulls fell behind 13-0. LaVine stayed out for more than five minutes before returning to the floor.

"I just pulled him. Not combative. Guys know. Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen and our starters got to play better for us to become what we can become. That's how it works," Boylen told reporters. "I want him to be a two-way player. That's what I want him to be."

LaVine said he thought he was used as a scapegoat for the Bulls' struggles.

"I guess I was to blame for it," LaVine told reporters. "I've gotten pulled early before by him. I guess that's just his thing to do. Just got to take it in stride. I'm not the coach."

"If he doesn't trust me, it's hard to trust someone who doesn't trust you."
Zach LaVine

He expanded on his thoughts to Yahoo Sports, saying everyone around the team -- including the coaching staff -- needs to improve and that Boylen shouldn't single out players.

LaVine said he will try to build the trust back up with Boylen or at least find a middle ground.

"We talk a lot. We need to have a sit-down talk? Maybe. Maybe we should," LaVine said. "I think he's a direct guy. We'll figure out a time and place to do it and see where we see eye to eye at."

The 5-11 Bulls face the Charlotte Hornets on Saturday.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.