Amid trade talks, Andre Drummond says he wants to finish career in Detroit

Drummond says trade rumors aren't new to him (0:24)

Andre Drummond isn't concerned about the recent trade rumors that have been surrounding his name, emphasizing that they happen every year. (0:24)

SAN FRANCISCO -- As speculation regarding his future abounds, Pistons big man Andre Drummond reiterated that he wants to spend the rest of his career in Detroit.

Drummond, who has spent his entire eight-year career with the organization, did not hesitate when asked why he would like to stay in Detroit.

"I'm not a quitter, for one," Drummond said after scoring 14 points and grabbing 18 rebounds in Saturday's 111-104 win over the Golden State Warriors. "I was never brought up to be a quitter. If I start somewhere, I try to finish there, try to complete the mission, which is to win a championship here. It will never be me that wants to go anywhere ... I love being here. I would love to play here the rest of my career."

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported Friday that the Pistons have engaged in "serious" talks with the Atlanta Hawks in a package centering around Drummond, and they are having conversations with several other teams as well.

Drummond has a $29 million option for next season that he can turn down and become a free agent.

The 26-year-old took the news of trade talks in stride on Saturday night as reporters asked about his reaction. He brushed off the idea that trade rumors had any impact on his game.

"I've been dealing with this since the year I signed my contract so the trade rumors will always come around, so this is another year for me," Drummond said. "It's always that time of year around January where trade talks come. Nothing's happened. Obviously, the talks have started, so these questions will start to come. I've been looking forward to them coming, but for me, I'm just going to continue to play the game I play, play here in Detroit where I love to be, and whatever happens, happens."

Pistons coach Dwane Casey said he spoke to Drummond about the news prior to Saturday's game.

"I had a conversation with Andre, but I'm not going to talk about what it was," Casey said before the game. "But most of the players in this league understand there's always going to be rumors -- and if you're about anything, you're always going to have interest. If you're not producing or not getting the job done, nobody's going to be calling, you're not going to be seen in the rumors section. But if you're doing a good job or elite at what you do, people are going to call and have interest in you. There's always going to be rumors."

While discussing the conversation, Drummond said he did not get the sense any deal was "imminent."

"It wasn't really much to talk about," Drummond said. "He just said it's that time of the year again. It's nothing that's imminent. It's not like they're going to move me tomorrow. Obviously, they're listening. But I think I'm where I'm at."