Knicks, at $4.6 billion, listed as NBA's highest-valued team by Forbes

Max makes a passionate plea to Knicks fans (1:13)

Max Kellerman tells Knicks brand consultant Steve Stoute that the fans are better off rooting for the crosstown Nets. (1:13)

Forbes is listing the average value of NBA franchises above $2 billion for the first time, a figure that has grown nearly 600% in the past decade.

The average NBA franchise is now valued at slightly more than $2.1 billion, with Forbes saying the New York Knicks -- worth $4.6 billion by the magazine's calculations -- rank atop the league list and grew by 15% over the previous year.

The Los Angeles Lakers were listed with a worth of $4.4 billion, with the Golden State Warriors at $4.3 billion.

The rest of the top 10: Chicago ($3.2 billion), Boston ($3.1 billion), the LA Clippers ($2.6 billion), Brooklyn ($2.5 billion), Houston ($2.475 billion), Dallas ($2.4 billion) and Toronto ($2.1 billion).

Only five teams were listed with a value less than $1.5 billion: Detroit ($1.45 billion), Orlando ($1.43 billion), Minnesota ($1.375 billion), New Orleans ($1.35 billion) and Memphis ($1.3 billion).

Forbes also calculated the revenue of the 30 NBA teams at a combined $8.8 billion last season, a record, and forecast it would exceed $9 billion this season.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.