'The Last Dance' Episodes 9 and 10: How to watch and stream ESPN's Michael Jordan documentary

'The Last Dance' First Look: MJ was feared, and the Bulls needed him to be (0:55)

Michael Jordan instilled fear in the Bulls franchise, but Scottie Pippen says it pushed the team to work harder. (0:55)

ESPN's 10-part documentary series "The Last Dance," which chronicled Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls, concluded on Sunday with Episodes 9 and 10. All 10 episodes aired on ESPN and the ESPN App in the United States and can be streamed outside the U.S. on Netflix.

Jordan and the Bulls allowed NBA Entertainment to follow them throughout the 1997-98 season and document their final championship.

The series features never-before-seen footage as well as interviews with more than 100 people close to the team.

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