Unique items players brought to the NBA bubble in Orlando

Tacko Fall cycles through Orlando bubble (0:15)

Vincent Poirier films teammate Tacko Fall coasting through the Orlando bubble on a bicycle. (0:15)

Remember that old icebreaker question: What are three things you'd pack if you were going to a deserted island? We've all thought about it, but none of us really think we'll ever have to make that decision. Well, NBA players aren't on a deserted island -- not even close -- but they did have to make some tough choices when it came to packing for the NBA bubble in Orlando, Florida. Take a peek through some of their bags and learn about a few of the more unique items they chose to pack.

Meyers Leonard, Miami Heat

What's one pair of shoes you had to bring with you?
I'm definitely bringing the Jordan 1 x Union Black Toe.

Was there a must-have snack, candy, etc. you had to bring?
Oh, I've got my Level protein bars for sure. They are the best protein bars on the market, easy. And I have some of their unreleased flavors.

Any gadgets, toys, etc.? What game system are you bringing?
I have to have my whole streaming setup. I packed my Origin PC, one monitor, my mic, camera, multiple Scuf controllers and an Astro headset.

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Myles Turner, Indiana Pacers

Was there a must-have snack, candy, etc. you had to bring?
I didn't bring food, but what I did bring was a whole bunch of seasoning, a lot of hot sauce, a few peanut sauces, some BBQ sauces. I wasn't exactly sure what we were getting into food-\wise, so I probably have like eight different seasonings and sauces here.

I see this personalized gaming kit, what is the story behind that?
The case itself is pretty popular. It's called Gaems. The actual decal itself, it's a company called Game Decal, and I sent it in and I worked with them to get a customized little package here. They did a great job on it. I've had for two years now, it's very durable. The decal is of me and I remember the game I was playing, we were playing the Atlanta Hawks and I remember that dunk.

I brought the Star Wars Legos, it's a hobby of mine, it's something I've done since I was a kid but this is how I spend my spare time. I like putting things together. I like challenging myself. The puzzles are not for everyone and the Legos, it looks like it's fun and easy, but it's the kind of thing that you have to have a lot of patience for. It's a good way for me to kill some time and make the time pass even more.

I see on top of your suitcase you have more games?
There are two puzzles and then I brought a mat for the puzzles. Whenever you're done with it or you need to go somewhere, you can actually roll it up so none of the pieces fall out.

I see a recovery pump. What is that?
That's huge for me. I think it's one thing that is very underrated. As athletes we know about it, but I am not sure people know. We have a two- to three-week training camp coming up and we don't have access to our facilities like we had in Indiana, so after practices this is a mini way to flush out the lactic acid and a way to chill for a little bit. It's going to be something that is utilized heavily, especially after games and after practice. I can do it in my room as opposed to having to go somewhere.

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Goran Dragic, Miami Heat

What were the first three things you put in your suitcase?
Draws [underwear], sweats, socks. Pack these three things first every single trip. Just makes the rest easier. As long as I don't forget these, I can replace anything else.

Did you bring a good-luck charm?
Wooden cross necklace -- Orthodox.

What game system did you bring?
PlayStation, for sure. I play UFC, FIFA and Mafia usually. Actually, just got to Orlando and trying to set it up now. Of course, it's not working, but I have nothing but time to figure it out.

What was something you debated whether to pack last minute?
Two things: First, my wife packed this UV LED light for me for sanitizing. Second, all my gadgets for recovery.

Tacko Fall, Boston Celtics

Which pair of shoes could you not leave behind?
I have to keep it generic because I'm a Size 22. My court shoes and slides are essential. I'll be spending a lot of time in my hotel room, so having the slides is key.

Did you bring a good-luck charm?
I brought the Quran and a good-luck charm my mom gave me. It means a lot.

Is there any décor, framed photo or other item that you brought to make your Orlando hotel room feel more like home?
As long as I have my PS4, I feel like I'm home.