Toronto Raptors announce 3 positive COVID-19 tests in organization

The Toronto Raptors announced Monday that three members of their organization have tested positive for COVID-19.

"All three are, and will continue to, self-isolate away from the rest of the organization," the team said in a statement.

The Raptors added that follow-up testing and contact tracing has "so far revealed no spread to other members of the Raptors organization."

Raptors GM Bobby Webster told reporters that the team had full training camp Monday and were comfortable the cases were isolated.

"There was no contact, contact tracing went through, there's been no further positive tests," he said. "So we're confident that we can continue with basketball."

As a result of the pandemic, the Raptors have relocated to Tampa, Florida, for at least the start of the NBA season. The Canadian government feared that constant travel into and out of the United States could pose a public health risk.

"It's a logistical challenge, it's a health challenge, it's a human challenge that we're all going through," Webster said. "It's constantly on our mind at the same time we're trying to prepare for an NBA season, as I'm sure most of us are seeing around the sports landscape. This was bound to happen, so we just wanted to make sure we had, you know, everything kind of tied up and continuing to review, continuing to educate, continuing to have awareness with our players, coaches and staff, almost on a daily basis."

The Raptors are scheduled to open their three-game preseason slate Saturday against the Charlotte Hornets.

ESPN's Tim Bontemps contributed to this report.