How Klay gets out of a slump, the team LeBron would want to play for and more Quotes of the Week

Klay Thompson knows exactly what to search for to inspire himself, Draymond Green succinctly sums up his Game 3 performance and more from our Quotes of the Week.

"I'll probably just YouTube Game 6 Klay."

-- Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson, on how he plans to get out of his shooting slump. Thompson has a reputation for performing particularly well in Game 6s -- a reputation backed up by reality, as he has scored 25 points or more in six of the past seven Game 6s he's played in

"It'd have to be Golden State. ... I would love to get in a pissing match with Draymond ... I love when someone cuss me out."

-- Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, on which of the two remaining playoff teams he'd most like to play for, during an episode of "The Shop"

"Like s---."

-- Draymond Green, on his performance in Game 3 of the NBA Finals

"Nelly is arguably the most famous guy from St. Louis ... until I can catch up."

-- Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum, on rapper and fellow St. Louis celebrity Nelly

"I secretly like it."

-- Newly retired quarterback and Harvard graduate Ryan Fitzpatrick, on how he feels about announcers always bringing up the fact that he went to Harvard.