Trail Blazers' Josh Hart has too many AirPods

On June 7, Portland Trail Blazers guard Josh Hart let the world in on a little secret -- he loses his AirPods. A lot.

Hart initially responded to a tweet asking a simple question: "Is it bougie to buy a second pair of Airpods so that when I'm traveling I can listen to them while my first pair recharges?"

Hart replied it was "Acceptable, especially if you lose one. I have had too many AirPods." But just how many wasn't revealed until his next tweet.

That list has grown some since that tweet -- and it also didn't show how many devices Hart actually has. The final tally: 26 Bluetooth headphone devices are attached to his phone.

Hart has had nine regular AirPods, two AirPod Max headphones, five AirPod Pros (at least one new pair since June), six Beats Studios, three Powerbeats Pro by Beats and one just labeled "New Airpods."

"Whatever AirPod that is," Hart said.

Hart revealed he now travels with two extra sets of AirPods -- one Max and one Pro -- just in case he loses one. It almost happened Wednesday night in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"I actually lost my case yesterday," Hart said. "Luckily, our security dude found it."

What happened?

"I don't know," Hart said. "I just got on the plane and I'm like, 'F---, I lost it.'"

Hart said one of the team's security personnel brought them on the plane and asked if the case belonged to anyone on the team. Of course, they were Hart's.

Hart added most of his teammates know about his habit of misplacing his devices now.

"Most of them probably figured out if it's headphones, they probably know it's mine," Hart said.

So how does Hart lose most of them? He doesn't really know. It could be leaving them in locker rooms. It could be destroying them on purpose. That happened at least once.

In Denver on Christmas Day 2019, Hart was warming up during pregame, going through his usual shooting routine. After a few misses from 3-point range, Hart grew frustrated with his Beats Studios and spiked them to the court. He calmly picked them up, tossed them in a trash can and continued his workout.

With new technology though, Hart hopes there aren't as many instances of lost AirPods moving forward.

"This was before they had Find My iPhone and Find My AirPods and all that," Hart said. "Now that they got that, I'm sure it'll probably be a little better."

Hart and longtime girlfriend Shannon Phillips married last summer prior to the 2021-22 NBA season. Does she know about him buying an abundance of new AirPods just in case he loses more? She might now.

"I just don't tell her," Hart said. "I just go and buy [them]. That's about it. I buy [them] and then she just doesn't know. She doesn't keep track of stuff."